What Materials do I need to get started?

The first step in using the Didactiic platform is to gather the materials you need.  But first make sure that you have all of the Domains selected that you are interested in with respect to the currently selected child.

By default Didactiic ensures that all Expert Sources are selected when you first onboard onto the platform but you may remove Expert Sources at you convenience by selecting Modify Sources and adjusting your selections.

To view the Materials needed based on the your current selections:

1) Select Materials Needed under the Activity Plan Dashboards dropdown

2) Scroll through the list of materials needed

If you do not already have the materials you can click on an item and you will be taken to Amazon in order to make the purchase.

Once the order ships please click on the Have This checkbox so that you have an organized list of your Didactiic related possessions.

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