How do I use the activities? What does marking it as "Challenging" or "Easy" mean? What do the other options mean for each activity?

To use the Activities

Select the See Activity button for the activity that you want to do with your child.

We recommend that you scroll to the bottom of the screen and view the materials needed for the selected activity to ensure that you have what is needed to complete the activity with your child.

If you have the materials needed, follow the directions for the activity.  When you have attempted the activity with your child please mark the activity as:

  • Challenging (if the activity is causing your child to have to exert modest to high effort in order to reach completion) or
  • Too Easy (if the activity is too simplistic for your child's current abilities)

and then either add the activity to your: 

  • List of Favorites and then select Mark as Complete on the activityor 
  • Simply select Mark as Complete on the activity.

(Marking an activity as complete after voting on the difficulty level of the activity will impact the algorithm used to determine which activities are the appropriate difficulty level for your child's age and thus will affect which activities are shown on your dashboard.)

If you don't have the materials needed then:

  • click on Watchlist if you like the activity and want to return to it at a later date once you obtain the materials, or
  • return to the Dashboard and select one of the other three activities, or
  • modify your Domains and/or Expert sources to see different activities on your dashboard

What "Challenging" or "Easy"  means


Marking an activity as challenging means that the difficulty level for your child is either "just right" or "too difficult".  

Too Easy

Marking an activity as too easy means the difficulty level is too simplistic for your child's current abilities

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